Welcome to GLIOMASdb - A database for human gliomas on RNA-Seq!

GLIOMASdb database is a freely and user-friendly accessible database providing enormous RNA-Seq gene expression profiles from human gliomas. By using the Illumina HiSeq 2000 platform, we performed transcriptome sequencing of 325 WHO grade II (type A, O, OA, rA and rOA), WHO grade III (type AA, AO, AOA, rAA, rAO and rAOA) and WHO grade IV (pGBM, rGBM and sGBM) gliomas. In addition, for each sample stored in GLIOMASdb, the following matched clinical information was collected, including diagnosis, gender, age, WHO grade, chemoradiotherapy, surgery resection, and epilepsy etc. In total, 30 billion 101-bp paired-end reads were generated, with an average of 92 million reads per sample.

For each sample, we aligned the trimmed reads to the genome by MapSplice and annotated to RefSeq genes consisting of 17,527 genes, including lncRNAs and mRNAs. A significant number of genes were differentially expressed among different WHO stages. Expression pattern of individual differentially expressed gene could be easily explored on the database.

GLIOMASdb is expected to be an useful resource for this community.Stats


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  • [2016-08-16] GLIOMASdb as part of CGGA started to build
  • [2015-08-17] Hundreds of next-generation sequencing datasets were integrated and sequenced.
  • [2004] The started to collect gliomas RNA-seq and clinical data

Community News

  • [2016-06-01] CGCG clinical practice guidelines for the management of adult diffuse gliomas
  • [2016-04] Identifying the association between contrast enhancement pattern, surgical resection, and prognosis in anaplastic glioma patients
  • [2016-03-07] Classification based on mutations of TERT promoter and IDH characterizes subtypes in grade II/III gliomas

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