Users can search all entries in three ways: by circRNA, by host gene, by disease ,or by miRNA. Detailed information shown in search results:

  • circRNA information: circRNA ID (circBase), circRNA name (circRNADisease v2.0), synonym, and host gene
  • disease information: Disese Ontology (DO) ID, DO name, disease details, species (human, mouse, boars, C. elegans, chicken, cow, goat, pig, rat, sheep, virus, apostichopus japonicus), tissue/cell/PDX and details
  • circRNA-disease information: detection method (eg. qRT-PCR, microarray, and/or sequencing), expression pattern (eg. up-regulated, or down-regulated, disregulated), associated gene, associated microRNA, biological functions (eg. proliferation, migration, and invasion), molecular mechanisms (eg. ceRNA, signaling pathways), surival, a brief description of the circRNA-disease relationship
  • other information: article title, journal, published time, PubMed ID