Welcome to circRNADisease v2.0 database

In current circRNADisease v2.0 database, more than 12,000 published literature were systematically reviewed, and manually curated and collected 6,998 entries involved in 4,246 circRNAs, 330 standard diseases from Disease Oncology and 12 species. In addition, we also identified 7,417,841 mutation-circRNAs among 30 TCGA human cancers. Notedly, compared to the previous release, circRNADisease v2.0 has increased: (i) the number of circRNA-disease relationships from 354 to 6,998; (ii) number of circRNAs from 330 to 4,246; (iii) number of diseases from 48 to 330; (iv) expand one species to 12; (v) experimentally supported circRNA-associated factors (genes, microRNAs, and/or proteins), signaling pathways, biological phenotypes and prognostic evidence associated with diseases. Please don't hesitate to address comments, questions or suggestions regarding this website. We highly recommend Google Chrome browser to have a better experience on circRNADisease v2.0.